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Life transitions coaching for emerging adults of all ethnicities and backgrounds

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Hello, I am a life purpose and transitions coach and I will help you discover your essence and empower you to live a productive and impactful life.

Life Purpose | Transitions | Career

I can help you figure all these out!

Life Purpose

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Where are my going in life?

  • What are my unique talents, strengths and assets?


  • How do I transition smoothly to my next life phase?

  • I hate adulting- but I have no choice ….I need help!

  • I like my immigrant parents but I just don’t know how to get along with them!

  • How do I navigate between my immigrant culture and American culture?


  • What should I do with my life?

  • What career should I pursue?

  • How can I find my vocation?

  • Help I am a graduate student facing challenges selecting a thesis topic or completing your dissertation…where do I start?

Are you experiencing a major life transition?

Are you having difficulty navigating adulthood as an emerging adult?

Are you unclear about what’s next? 

Do you feel fearful, confused, and uncertain?

 Do you want to discover your essence?

 Do you lack the support of people who understand what you’re going through?

Do you need guidance on how to find your vocation and career?

Ways we can Work Together


Emerging Adults

  • Adulting 101

  • Decision-making for emerging adults

  • Explore career options

  • Navigate life transitions

  • Set and clarify goals

  • Discover special gifting's, and strengths 

  • Understand yourself

Immigrant Young Adults

  • Navigate relationships with parents

  • Resolve identity issues

  • Balance cultural pressure

  • Clarify identity and purpose 

  • Navigate cross-cultural issues

  • Prepare for graduate school in the US

Academic Coaching

  • Guidance for completing thesis and dissertation

  • Select a college and graduate school major

  • Resume writing and cover letter

  • Build public speaking skills

Discover the Treasures in You!


Ready to Start your Journey of Growth and Transformation? 

Schedule your complementary  30 mins discovery call with me today

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