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Work with Me

Schedule a free 30mins complementary discovery session with me today!

Services I Offer

Flexible | Affordable | Impactful

My Offer

  • High quality and productive coaching sessions

  • Affordable rates

  • Free 30 mins discovery session

  • Coaching agreement 

  • Email communication

  • Virtual and/or phone sessions

  • Flexible meeting time for different time zones around the world

  • Recommendations on useful resources for self-improvement

Price Structure

Young Adult Special Offer

  • $80 – First Two Hours  (Minimum)

  • $50/hr -every extra hour added

Payment Options:

A variety of payment options are accepted.

What to Expect

  • My clients reconnect with their passion and bring more excitement into their life. 

  • My clients discover new possibilities that they’ve never thought of before.

  • My clients discover their strengths and assets.

  • My clients find perspective and balance on life issues.

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Pathway to Vocation and Career Discovery Module
A four-session specialized coaching package

  • Cost - $150

  • Free 30-Minute Complementary Discovery Session

  • Three 60-min sessions

  • Engage in exercises that will help you find your vocation

  • Identify unique personality traits, giftings, and interests essential for your vocation and career path

  • Identify bottlenecks that challenge your vocational journey

  • Explore a variety of vocational and career possibilities

  • Identify practical next steps toward your vocation and career

My Promise 

  • I will help you move through your life transition phase as smoothly and easily as possible.

  • I will take you through a unique self-discovery process, to help you discover your vocation.

  • I will offer help with getting through your persistent fears, limiting beliefs and other obstacles that have been keeping you from moving forward.

  • I will take you through a unique self-discovery process to explore your new identity now that you are in a new country.

  • I will help you develop tools or strategies to accomplish difficult projects and tasks.


I Believe that .....

  • Your life and voice count

  • You can overcome any setback in life

  • Every brokenness can be restored

  • You can turn a bad situation/story around

  • Your life is your story

  • You can grow into the adult you want to be

  • You can find your passion and vocation

  • You can make it in this world

  • You have unique assets that hold the potential for transforming your life

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